Red-Letter Ride: 5-Mile Dam on the Blanco River

Old Stagecoach Road
View on Old Stagecoach Road, near Blanco River

Southwest of Austin, Texas at the edge of the Hill Country
50 Miles
Major Roadways
Brodie Lane, FM 1626, FM 2770, Old Stagecoach Road
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If you want a relaxing, relatively flat ride, but you also want a small taste of the Texas Hill Country, this ride is for you.  The route, which is an out-and-back ride, starts and ends at Bowie High School in far South Austin.  Cyclists start out using bike lanes through the Shady Hollow neighborhood, and then very quickly transition into a more countryside-type setting. Cyclists will pass through the historic downtown Buda, Texas en route to FM 2770, which passes by the Hays High School stadium.  FM 2770 finally transitions to Old Stagecoach Road, a beautiful section of roadway leading gently downhill to the halfway point at the 5-mile Dam Park on the classic Blanco River.  After a quick break to enjoy the park, you can backtrack your way the approximate 25 miles back to Bowie High School.

Hills:       2
Traffic:    3
Scenery: 3
Characteristic: 3


Bowie High School
Bowie High School
Downtown Buda, Tx.
Downtown Buda, Tx.
Hays High School Stadium
Hays High School Stadium


Kyle Water Tower
Kyle Water Tower
5-Mile Dam Park, Blanco River
5-Mile Dam Park, Blanco River

Ratings Legend
Hills: (1) – Flat (2) – Some Rolling (3) – Rolling (4) – Hilly (5) – Brutal
Traffic: (1) – Almost None (2) – Very Little (3) – Some (4) – Heavy (5) – Brutal
Scenery: (1) – Spectacular (2) – Beautiful (3) – Nice (4) – OK (5) – So-So
Characteristic: (1) – Remote (2) – Rural (3) – Mixed (4) – Suburban (5) – Urban

4 thoughts on “Red-Letter Ride: 5-Mile Dam on the Blanco River”

  1. Excellent review! I whole-heartedly concur on this route…It is what I call my “throw-down-route” when I don’t have a better route to ride on a weekend. You can often do TT pace for a good workout or a leisure pace to enjoy the simply beautiful scenery…

  2. Looks like my kind of ride – flat and no traffice. Maybe we could do it together some day (but I will need a ride home).

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