U.S. 360 Tour II — My Immediate Destination … West out of the Desert Southwest to the Pacific

“In the desert a fountain is springing, in the wide waste there is still a tree, and a bird in the solitude singing, which speaks to my spirit of thee.” — Lord Byron

This tour is the second installment in the pursuit of my goal to cycle unsupported around the American perimeter. My inaugural journey, U.S. 360 Tour I – Origins in the Texas Hill Country, was a solo, semi-unsupported effort from Austin Texas to Phoenix Arizona. It covered 1151 miles, traversed three states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) and introduced me to countless road angels. The tour was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I’m hopelessly hooked on long-distance bicycle touring, and not a day has gone by since that I haven’t wanted to get back on the road.

This trip will commence where the last terminated, in Phoenix, and it will progress West to the great Pacific Ocean and San Diego California. The distance will be a shade less than 500 miles, and I expect it will take me approximately nine days to complete. I will be traveling with a good friend and cycling buddy, Jim Hinkel. Jim is a fellow vegetarian, a superb long-distance athlete, and a pretty good guy. I will enjoy his company.

Like the last trip, I’ll be guided by the Southern Tier maps procured through the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA).

As for lodging, I will blend camping with probably a few nights in local establishments. For food, we’ll pack some essentials, but for the most part we will eat the local cuisine as we’re passing through.

I can’t wait!!


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