U.S. 360 Tour II – Out of the Desert and Into the Sun

A Purpose-Driven Journey Around the American Perimeter

Table of Contents

My Eventual Destination
Rationale for the Journey
My Immediate Destination – West out of the Desert Southwest to the Pacific
Final Preparations (And LOTS Of Logistics!)

The Tour
Day 24 – Phoenix AZ to Wickenberg AZ:
*** Stubborn Siri and a Fine American ***

Day 25 – Wickenberg AZ to Salome AZ:
*** Hard Cider and Eccentricity ***

Day 26 – Salome AZ to Blythe CA:
*** Wheeeeeee!!!!!!! ***

Day 27 – Blythe CA to Somewhere South of Palo Verde CA:
*** Alfalfa and the Ultimate Host ***

Day 28 – Palo Verde CA to Brawley CA:
*** Sand Dunes and Semi’s ***

Day 29 – Brawley CA to Jacumba CA:
*** From Zero to Hero ***

Day 30 – Jacumba CA to Lakeside CA:
*** A Tale of Two Rides ***

Day 31 – Lakeside CA to San Diego (Ocean Beach) CA:
*** Go West Young Man, Until You Can Go No Farther ***

Final Thoughts and Desert Goodbyes


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