U.S. 360 Tour — My Immediate Destination … West out of the Texas Hill Country

“What convinces is conviction.” — Lyndon Baines Johnson

This trip is the inaugural journey, almost a “breaking-in” ride, to pursue my living goal to cycle unsupported around the American perimeter. I will be going solo, and for the most part, unsupported. My wonderful parents, both in their “Golden Years”, also love adventure and the outdoors and have told me that they intend to catch up with me (via SUV!) at various points along the route to enjoy the outdoors, do a bit of hiking, and enjoy some evening conversation now and then. I will absolutely appreciate their company.

“Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” — Author Unknown

I intend to trek west out of my hometown, Austin, through the famed Texas Hill Country, and then travel South to the U.S./Mexico border. From there, I will travel west as far as my legs, back, and bike will take me over the next month. I must return toward the first of June to attend my middle son’s high school graduation. At this point, I have absolutely no idea how far that will be, but that is the attractiveness of this adventure. I harbor no goal, other than to enjoy the outdoors, forget about schedule, and live off of my bike.

This trip was originally planned to start in early March 2012, but a couple of health issues cropped up and the trip had to be re-scheduled.. That was the plan, and you know what they say about the best laid plans….!

I’m using the Southern Tier maps purchased through the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA).

ACA Map Detail – Navasota TX to Del Rio TX
ACA Map Detail – Del Rio TX to El Paso TX
ACA Map Detail – El Paso TX to Tempe AZ

As for lodging, I will blend camping with a few nights in local establishments. For food, I’ll pack some essentials, but for the most part I will eat the local cuisine (which may be tricky since I’m vegetarian) as I’m passing through.


2 thoughts on “U.S. 360 Tour — My Immediate Destination … West out of the Texas Hill Country”

  1. Godspeed Brian. I’ll be enviously following your adventure. When you are out on those lonely west Texas roads, know that others are always with you. ~Dan

  2. Many others are with you. Fuentes Elementary teachers are traveling with you and wish you the best rides ever

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